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March 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- March 2021

How could rising yields impact economic growth and stock prices?

February 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- February 2021

The market is seeing a strong start to 2021, but will the trend continue?

January 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- January 2021

View the dramatic drawdowns and recoveries in 2020.

December 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- December 2020

The S&P 500 returned 10.9% in November 2020, making it the best November since 1928 and the 2nd best since the index began, but how did it stack up against previous election years?

November 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- November 2020

The shape of the economic recovery depends on what piece you are looking at.

October 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- October 2020

Investing based on who is in power at the White House? Our research shows why that’s not necessarily the best idea.

September 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- September 2020

Do stock-splits affect index weightings?

August 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- August 2020

Just how dramatic has consumer spending changed over the last year?

July 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- July 2020

Is the market entirely disconnected from economic reality?

June 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- June 2020

What drove the miraculous stock market recovery over the past two months?

May 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- May 2020

The latest legislation includes many provisions that affect retirees. Learn more in this month’s Viewpoint.

April 2020 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- April 2020

Recent massive swings in the S&P 500 shows just how difficult it is to time the market.