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October 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- October 2021

How current economic conditions may be impacting the future of stimulus payments.

Company Updates

6 Meridian Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

A group that knows how to celebrate! As we celebrate our 5-year anniversary, we reflect on our growth and success…

In the Community

Team Members Making an Impact in Our Community

Giving the Basics was founded on the premise that no one should go without the basic items needed to be…

In the News

Swisher and Becker Join Women’s Networking Program

Wealth Advisors, Jordan Swisher and Rachel Becker joined the 2021/2022 Wichita Business Journal Career Women group. Both were nominated by…

September 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- September 2021

Lumber prices drop. What does this signal?

August 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- August 2021

Conducting your mid-year financial check-up.


Economic Indicator Report- August 2021

There is no single indicator that can tell us how best to invest. However, we find it is vital to…

Education Planning

Ways to Fund Special Needs Trusts

A look at the different choices & strategies.

Estate and Insurance

Qualified Charitable Distributions

A choice for I.R.A. owners who want to reduce taxes linked to I.R.A. distributions.

July 2021 Viewpoint

Viewpoint- July 2021

Why is the 10-year treasury yield so important?

Retirement and Financial Planning

Why is the 10 Year Treasury Yield So Important?

Advisor Q & A Featuring Wealth Advisor Associate, Tim Lynch

Retirement and Financial Planning

Conducting Your Mid-Year Financial Checkup

The midpoint of the year is a great time to review your financial position.