6 Meridian is an independent registered investment advisory firm serving professionals and families across the United States. Our process is one of collaboration and customization. Our goals are those of risk-mitigated returns amid long-term relationships.

Charting a Path

The starting line of this relationship begins with a consultation with one or more of the 6 Meridian team members. The finish line is a moving target defined by your ever-evolving goals and achievements.

During the consultation, we will share our philosophy and determine if there is an ideological fit. Assuming we’re speaking the same language, our advisors and managers will perform an in-depth analysis of your unique circumstances, as well as your financial goals and objectives.

We then devise a plan that becomes the baseline of our relationship together. Although a foundation of sorts, this plan is a dynamic document that is reviewed annually, if not more frequently, and is adjusted as needed in order to hit those moving targets.

Ready to take control of your financial future?

Start by selecting a goal that is most important to you. You’ll be able to see if you’re on track and how simple adjustments can impact your ability to reach your goal. Once you’re ready, request a consultation with your advisor, and we’ll work together to build a plan to help make your financial goals a reality.


If there’s one word the 6 Meridian team doesn’t take lightly, it’s accountability. Our experience, principles, and tried-and-true process ensures that each party is doing his/her part to ensure a mutually rewarding outcome.

The financial world is expansive. But we can help bring it into focus and forge a path that’s right for you. We invite you to begin a conversation with us and explore the possibilities.

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