6 Meridian Investor Summit 2023 Recap

It was wonderful to see so many of you at this year’s Investor Summit. We hope you walked away with valuable information to apply to your own financial life. If the presentations generated questions or you would like to explore a specific topic in more depth, please reach out to your team of advisors.

Below we have included either a video recording or PDF version of the presentations.

Thank you for supporting our events!

Margaret Dechant, CFP®

CEO | 6 Meridian

Firm & Industry Update

Bill Delahunty, CFA®

Portfolio Manager | Eaton Vance & Calvert Municipal Funds & Morgan Stanley

State of the Municipal Bond Market

Presentation PDF

James A. Bergeron, J.D.

Advisor Education Consultant and US Policy Expert | Nuveen

Tax Times Have Changed: Strategies for Today’s Tax and Economic Landscape

Presentation PDF

Stephanie Link

Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager | Hightower Advisors

Investment Ideas & Market Trends

Katie Cullen, CFP®

Head of Practice Consulting | Blackrock

When Your Health and Your Money Intersect

Presentation PDF

Safeguard Your Financial Plans Handout

Decide Where To Live in Retirement Handout

Andrew Mies, CFA®with Josh Buffolino and Jason Mayers, CFA®

Investment Management Team | 6 Meridian

Stump the Experts

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