Market Update Webcast- February 2023

Andrew Mies | CIO | 6 Meridian

Key Takeaways:

2022 Review | Even the diversified investor struggled in 2022 with most asset classes in the red, but what is the bigger picture? Are long-term returns still performing well and how have riskier asset classes fared in this market?

What nobody is talking about | “Today’s news is tomorrow’s history.” The news stories that impacted the market over the past two years have all but vanished from the headlines. Andrew addresses these headlines and the new ones creating an impact on the markets.

What to watch for in 2023 | High inflation, overheated growth, increasing interest rates and a strong labor market are today’s stories making an impact. Andrew shares his team’s research on each of these topics and what to watch for in the coming months.

Watch CIO, Andrew Mies, as he addresses these topics and much more in our latest market update webcast.

Full Transcript

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