Jenni Heartfield Joins the Investment Management Team

Welcome Jenni Heartfield! Jenni joined the Investment Management team in April as an Investment Operations Associate and has quickly made an impact. As 6 Meridian’s illiquid portfolio offerings expanded, the team needed the right person who could easily collaborate with the investment, compliance, and advisory worlds while maintaining accuracy and reliability.  And Jenni was a perfect fit for the position and the culture.

“Two things really drew me to 6 Meridian. First, I could tell they were invested in the relationship with their clients. In my experience, you can’t be bad at business if you are prioritizing the relationship building aspect of the work. And second is that the company is extremely community and charity focused, being involved on boards and lots of nonprofits. To me, that is important because I want to feel like I’m spending my time with a company that cares about the community.”

Jenni Heartfield

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Jenni Heartfield
Investment Operations Associate