Advisor, Markus Phox, Joins Panel for Local Inclusion Summit

Wealth Advisor Associate, Markus Phox, was asked to join a panel of local leaders to discuss the future of diversity, equity and inclusion in Wichita. The summit, hosted by the Wichita Business Journal, was an opportunity to learn more about DEI, how to implement some strategies in our own companies and what DEI success might look like for future generations.

When asked how Markus would grade Wichita for their work in DEI, he responded, “I would give Wichita a B. As a young professional who moved back to Wichita for a career opportunity, I was surprised by the DEI initiatives that were already taking place such as events like these where conversations get started and how my firm, 6 Meridian, had already embraced diversity and inclusion. Our CEO, Margaret Dechant, and the founding partners were intentional about their DEI strategies through mentorship of young advisors, events for both women and next generation clients and leadership opportunities. Of the 14 partners at 6 Meridian, half are women.”

It was an excellent event with many take-aways for organizations. Willy Pegues of McCownGordon summed it up very well. He said, “DEI is not a priority item to be checked off a list. DEI is a value.”

Thank you, Markus, for sharing your experiences with the crowd and representing 6 Meridian so well.

Margaret Dechant, Markus Phox, Richard Simon, Alex Freund, Amanda Maier