Tracy Cochran

Associate Operations and Marketing

Tracy is officially 6 Meridian’s operations and marketing associate, but she’s quickly earning a second title – Chief Baker. Whether it’s cookies, breads, or pies, her coworkers always look forward to finding out what delicious goodies she’ll bring next.

In fact, Tracy’s mad baking skills are a clue as to what really makes her tick – doing whatever she can to help make others’ lives better. At work, she’s quick to help her coworkers and clients to make sure they have a good experience. At home, she demonstrates her love and support for her husband, Sam, and their four children, and volunteers for her church and other local nonprofits. Regardless of where she is, Tracy constantly shows that she truly cares about people and their well-being.

That’s what makes Tracy such a natural addition to the 6 Meridian team. Tracy is the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps the office running smoothly, and she manages it with grace and positive attitude.

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