Stephanie Murphy

Assistant Vice President Client Relationship Manager

Stephanie’s fondness of the financial world began in a high school accounting class, specifically during a class trip. Just one visit to a brokerage and she was hooked. Hey, when you know, you know.

A world-class problem-solver (trust us, she’d win this competition), Stephanie utilizes her breadth of account history knowledge and financial prowess to explore and uncover even the most hidden solutions. In fact, her skills are so honed that she is frequently tapped to train and coach others in the industry - if you have questions, she’s the one to call.

Stephanie attributes 6 Meridian’s history of multiple generational client service to a unique approach: “Our friends become our clients and our clients become our friends.” And you’ll often find Stephanie and her husband, Todd,  supporting the Wichita State University and Bishop Carroll High School athletic programs alongside many of those friends. She describes the atmosphere at games as, “An even split between cheering and sharing advice on the best funding strategies for raising children.”

Stephanie is an active member in her church community and serves at The Lord's Diner alongside her family.  Her time away from the office includes attending the local music theater productions and making frequent trips to Oklahoma to visit her first grandchild!

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