Sarah Hampton, CFP®

Partner & Founder Wealth Advisor

A born strategist, Sarah was hooked on financial advising by age 16. To her, the field is as exciting as they come, presenting the ability to affect real change in people’s lives. The study of business economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara instilled in her a love for analytics, but the “people side” of the work kept calling her back.

Focusing primarily on wealth advisory and retirement planning solutions, Sarah seeks to identify opportunities for clients then create a plan to accomplish their goals, be they retirement, saving, gifting, leaving a legacy or working through the metrics of a family.

Building strong relationships with clients is unique to the 6 Meridian team, but common among team members. And Sarah is no exception. “We’re literally friends with many of our clients. That’s almost a prerequisite of joining our team. We are trusted advisors, and part of that entails getting to know our clients as individuals and what’s important to them. That’s normal around here,” she says.

Sarah describes the relationship component of her work as central to a strong financial outcome. “When there are peaks and valleys, people get nervous,” she explains. But the 6 Meridian team has the client’s best interests in mind, resulting in fewer knee-jerk reactions. Preparing for a diverse outcome ensures that one day doesn’t define the whole picture. Neither does one month.

When Sarah isn’t working alongside clients, you can find her rescuing and wrangling canines - she’s currently the proud master of six.  Her and her husband, Harrison, spend most weekends hiking, hunting, and fishing on their country property. 

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