Richard Simon

Associate Technology & Operations

For Richard, data is life. It’s the substance that supports the truth, and the beacon for what to do next. That’s Richard’s mindset each day as he assesses the best ways to optimize technology and operations for 6 Meridian. Leveraging the solutions necessary to provide the best experience possible, for both the team and clients. His love for the financial industry runs deep, back to the days when as a kid he tagged along to financial reviews for his grandfather’s charitable foundation. It was there that he became aware of the constant need to assess, analyze and understand the path forward.

When it comes to 6 Meridian’s use of technology, it’s all about communication. Finding the tools that help boost the client/advisor relationship, providing clarity and allowing connection.  When he’s not looking at technology applications, Richard is also looking at internal processes, supporting the team and helping processes run smoothly. With his background as a business analyst, he’s always looking at both the big picture and the details, understanding the improvements with the highest likelihood for success.

Away from work, you’ll most likely find Richard spending time with his wife, Kylie. He’s also continually adding to his world-travel bucket list, which includes everywhere from Vancouver to New Zealand to Italy.

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