Rachel Bruce

Wealth Advisor

Rachel Bruce believes financial health contributes to personal wellbeing. It’s a principle she’s embraced after experiencing the results of the good financial management practices of her family’s farm as she grew up. From an early age, she’s understood that a peaceful life and sound finances go hand-in-hand.

As a graduate from K-State with a degree in Personal Financial Planning, Rachel uses the same instilled values as a basis to help others achieve their financial goals. Helping others is what Rachel does best, and she’s learning how to do that better every day in the context of becoming a trusted wealth advisor.

Rachel is an athlete at heart who loves healthy competition and the thrill of accomplishing goals. At the same time, she’s also an adventure seeker constantly looking for new knowledge and places to explore. 6 Meridian is the perfect place for her to spread her wings.

From her time working as a business specialist for an insurance company in Nashville, TN, her love for country music has grown. Rachel attends live concerts with her husband, Lane, every chance she gets.  As a new mother, her spare time is dedicated to her growing family, but she still finds time for her favorite hobbies of reading and cooking.  Life is good.


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