Lisa Coon

Assistant Vice President Client Experience Manager

In the financial services industry since 2001, Lisa noticed something different when introduced to the 6 Meridian team - everyone is right where they should be. Or in her words, “Each team member knows his/her role, and everyone is excellent at what they do. I was both intimidated and energized by the dynamic."

Lisa’s role on the team is one of immense value to both advisors and clients. Lisa works closely with the advisors to expand and deepen our wealth management offerings. She assists the team by developing and monitoring tracking systems to ensure a seamless client experience through each step of the wealth planning process, and to help our clients determine how to live the life they want to live and achieve their goals. Lisa also oversees performance monitoring systems that guide client engagement during review meetings.

Among those of whom she’s most proud: “My family. And me for managing to be great at my job and as a mom.” Her husband, Kevin, and daughters couldn't agree more!

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