Bryan Green

Partner & Founder Wealth Advisor

Solid, healthy relationships take time. The same can be said of the relationship between people and their money. According to Bryan, “There is no greater asset than time. And there is no greater influence on wealth. We give our clients the time it takes to grow wealth, so that they have more time for themselves.”

As a business and finance major, Bryan got his start in the finance industry on the analytical side as a credit analyst in a large bank. He counts it as one of the turning points in his career when he was later offered a relationship management position and an opportunity to begin building a clientele.  After 20+ years, many of these clients still look to Bryan to bring the resources of his team at 6 Meridian to assist them with their investment and wealth planning.

A big-picture thinker with an eye for details, Bryan manages the total relationship between client and firm. He’s often a client’s first contact for asset allocation, risk management and portfolio management. Our clients appreciate his proactive approach, identifying and tailoring investment strategies, including alternative investments and structured products, while always keeping the end game in mind.

Bryan and his wife Darcie have enjoyed following their children’s sporting activities over the years, as well as vacations to either mountains or beaches. As a big fan of 70s and 80s bands, a highlight was to see three of his favorites in one year - Journey, Styx and Boston - all play in Wichita.


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