Ammie Weidner

Partner Director of Trading and Operations

According to Ammie, receiving nicknames, such as chief negotiator, compliancy whip and honey badger - because of her tendency to badger the team about regulations  - are all signs that you’re doing your job well.

Between her analytical mind, technological prowess, and fondness for math (she solves word problems for fun), it’s no wonder Ammie was recruited to manage 6 Meridian’s trading and operations. Throughout her career with the group, she has overseen the trading of nearly one billion dollars in discretionary portfolios. 

Working in tandem with our chief investment officer and portfolio analyst, Ammie adheres to strict policies, and executes trades with a surgeon’s precision. She continuously analyzes portfolio trading volumes and the resulting market impact, then works closely with the trading floor to ensure that our clients receive the best possible outcome.

As a lead for the launch of 6 Meridian ETFs, a project over a year in the making, Ammie took her abilities to the next level integrating compliance, research, operations, sales and marketing to steer one of the most successful product launches at 6 Meridian.  “This field is fast-paced; timing and precision is key,” Ammie explains. “That’s why I love it.”

In her time away from the office, Ammie is an animal advocate devoting numerous hours with the staff of the Sedgwick County Zoo orangutan exhibit and fundraising for the Kansas Humane Society.  Ammie's accolades include being named to the 2020 Wichita Business Journal's 40 Under 40 as well as a Women Who Leads in Professional Services. Ammie’s other passions include SCUBA diving with her husband, Nick - ask her about their encounter with a Manta Ray in the dark - and running. She’s racked up more than 10 half marathons and is training to run "the long one."   "That's 26.2 miles, or 138,336 feet, or 1,660,032 inches!" she declares with gusto. Did we mention she likes math? 

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