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6 Meridian

Mega Cap Portfolio

as of June 30, 2020

The Approach

A quantitively-driven strategy emphasizing high quality large-cap stocks. Stocks are first screened to remove those that score poorly on financial and growth measures. Those stocks that remain are then ranked on a stand-alone basis in relation to five different factors: beta*; momentum; yield; value; and quality. The stocks that rank the highest for each factor are combined into one portfolio. Stocks that rank high in multiple factors are over-weighted.

The Features

A concentrated portfolio of fewer than 60 stocks that seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the index. The investment objective of the fund is capital appreciation. Our research, as well as a large body of academic research, has found that the 5 factors selected for the portfolio are associated with long-term stock outperformance.

Annual Return- Dec 1990- Dec 2019

S&P 500
Beta (S&P 100)
Momentum (S&P 100)
Quality (S&P 100)
Yield (S&P 100)
Value (S&P 100)

Period: Dec 1990–Jun 2019; Source: FactSet