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6 Meridian

Asset Allocation – Income Portfolio

as of March 31, 2024

The Approach

A diversified approach to investing that provides access to multiple asset classes, industry sectors and geographic regions. The portfolio is comprised of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and individual securities. The portfolio uses a combination of fundamental and quantitative models to assess relative value across global asset classes. Global tactical asset allocation (GTAA) portfolios are designed to allow investors the flexibility to allocate investment capital towards the markets that offer the highest risk-adjusted returns. In contrast to static blend portfolios (e.g., 60% equity / 40% debt), GTAA portfolios are managed so that more attractive asset classes are over-weighted and less attractive asset classes are under-weighted.

The Features

A globally-diversified portfolio that seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the index through the implementation of GTAA. The investment objective of the portfolio is total return. The portfolio is unconstrained in asset allocation and security selection but typically targets a 30/60/10 equity/fixed income/alternative portfolio weighting. The primary asset classes utilized are: global equities; global fixed income; global real estate; commodities; real assets; alternative strategies (e.g., managed futures); and inflation-linked bonds. Within each of these principal categories are numerous subcategories.