Will Horner, CFA®

Associate Investment Management

As a client, you may not have many face-to-face meetings with Will, but he’s working for you, nonetheless. Like all of the team, his priority is your financial future and finding the best solutions to preserve and build your wealth. The 6 Meridian team depends on him to conduct the research and analysis necessary to offer recommendations for investment strategies.

Will’s financial industry background is solid and includes a master’s degree in finance and the completion of all three levels of the CFA exam. Add to that a team player with a great attitude, and you can see why he’s a perfect fit.  Will continues to be the backbone to the investment management team's research and market commentaries.  As the creator of newsletter content, webcast research and internal market updates, Will drives our mission to educate both our clients and employees on what's important and truly driving the market, eliminating the noise.

The last five years have been busy to say the least, with getting married to his wife, Allison, completing his education, moving from the Wichita area to Minneapolis and having three kids under the age of 6. But for a guy like Will, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When he’s not at work or being Super Dad, Will enjoys bike riding and thinking about where in the world he’d like to travel to next. That is, unless a Cardinals game is on.

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