Eddie Jacobs

Associate Technology and Operations

Eddie splits his time between evaluating and implementing new technology solutions for the team and spending his free time continuing his self-education. He thirsts for ways to absorb information and deploy tools that move organizations forward in meaningful ways.

Maybe that’s what leads a finance major to pursue a career in technology development. And what makes him great at being 6 Meridian’s technology and operations associate. By applying his knowledge of the financial world to the world of technology, Eddie can pinpoint the technologies necessary to help the team best serve the needs of clients in increasingly innovative ways.

Originally an east-coast native, Eddie attended college at the University of Central Florida. After graduating, he moved to New York, where he worked as a commodity options trader. Thank goodness his love for his family eventually drew him to Wichita, where his background and aptitude for learning made him a natural for the 6 Meridian team.

Eddie is currently learning Jiu Jitsu and deepening his knowledge of coding and web development. When he can, he makes his way back out to the Florida coast to soak up some beach time.


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