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Is the recovery in the energy sector making a case for MLPs?

Over the past few weeks, the MLP sector has seen a sharp pullback in share prices. Immediate causes include concerns over interest rates and a ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that may impact the fees certain operators are able to charge on pipelines. Alerian MLP Total Return Index – Last 12 Months                                        […]

Bad Timing. Not Always Bad Outcomes

    Given what we know today, October 9, 2007 seems like a lousy day to invest in the S&P 500.  This was the peak of the market before the Great Recession.  The S&P 500 total return index (which includes dividends reinvested) traded at 2447 on that day, fell 54% to 1104 on March 5, […]

High Yield- Buyer Beware

The chart below is from a July 24, 2017 Goldman Sachs report (GOAL Kickstart: Emerging worries about EM outperformance) and it  shows the current yield on various asset classes.  As anyone with a savings account knows, it is hard to find anything with good yield.  The high yield market in particular (highlighted with a red […]